I was born in spring of 1997, near the sea, in A Coruña (Spain). Since I was a child I have always liked to draw on any surface, from the paper of a used napkin, to the wood of the classroom desk.

This led me to graduate in Fine Arts in 2019, at the University of Vigo (Spain). After the pandemic, I started an internship at the animation studio The Glow Animation & VFX, a place where since then I have performed various concept art and 2D animation jobs.

Some of the animation projects in which I have been involved over the years have been Operation Frankenstein (produced by The Glow studio itself), El Sueño de La Sultana (feature film directed by Isabel Herguera) and Medea a la deriva, a short film still in production.

I firmly believe in continuous learning and that we should never stop accumulating new concepts and experiences. I feel very fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to such a beautiful world that allows me to carry out this evolution, not only on an artistic level, but also on a personal level.

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2D Artist & Animator